OP3FT USA is the local branch of the OP3FT that is in the process of being created in the United States.

OP3FT USA will be responsible, in relation with and under the control of the OP3FT, and in compliance with local laws, for promoting, protecting, and ensuring the progress of the Frogans technology in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge.

OP3FT USA can participate in the drawing up of technical specifications of the Frogans technology, in the development of software implementations, as well as in the drafting of policies. OP3FT USA ensures that the Frogans technology is well-suited to specific local characteristics, and its work is carried out by a local team.

In order to ensure proximity with major Internet stakeholders, OP3FT USA will be based in Washington D.C.

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About Frogans

Frogans is a new medium for publishing content and services on the Internet in the form of Frogans sites. From a technical standpoint, this medium is designed as a new generic software layer running on top of the original Internet infrastructure, alongside other existing layers such as E-mail or the World Wide Web.

Position of Frogans as a medium on the Internet:

Position of Frogans as a medium on the Internet

Frogans as a medium is intended to be complementary to the World Wide Web, and not to replace it. This is analogous to instant messaging, which was not intended to and did not replace E-mail as a medium for exchanging messages on the Internet.

Compared to the World Wide Web, the new medium is intended to suggest publishing content and services which involve visual rather than text-based communication, focused content rather than long pages, and natural interaction rather than complex user interfaces.

Frogans sites can be used to publish any kind of content and services.

For further information, see the official Web site of the Frogans technology.

Last update: July 12, 2021.

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